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Taking The ACT

It is strongly recommended to take both the SAT AND the ACT.  This gives a broader picture to the universities to which you are applying as to what kind of student you are.  



ACT Score Reporting

Sending ACT scores is much more complex to save money on score reporting.  It is extremely important to read and do what follows.  When you register for the ACT, you have the option to send your score reports to four schools for free.  Choose wisely.  Be sure it is definitely a university you can and will apply to.  

If you intend on applying to at least one UC (University of California), when you register for the ACT, send them to that one UC only.  Regardless, whether you apply to that specific UC, or choose another, or several other UCs, all the UCs will share the score report.


Sending ACT scores to CSUs (California State University) is much more complex.  When you register for the ACT, send it to only one CSU, perhaps, send it to your 'first choice' CSU.  After you have completed your ACT Registration, go to CSU Mentor and create your CSU Mentor Account.  Be sure to record your chosen username and password as you will use this same username and password to apply to all CSUs and also all California Community Colleges later.


Once that CSU receives your ACT Score Report, you can then go to the CSU Mentor: ACT Score Manager and use the ACT Scores Manager to release your ACT Score Report to any other CSU.  For whatever reason at least one CSU must receive your ACT Score Report and put it in their system before you can use the ACT Scores Manager to release your ACT Score Report to additional or all CSUs.

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