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Want to Stand Out and Be Recognized at Your Graduation?

Apply to Graduate in Gold by Applying to the California Scholarship Federation - CSF

Every year at graduation 10%-20% of the graduating class is wearing a gold graduation gown and mortarboard like the picture in the background, while the rest of the graduating class is wearing a black graduation gown and mortarboard.  Generally, all the Valedictorians for the class are in CSF but, not every student in CSF is a Valedictorian. 


To apply to CSF a student must submit four (4) separate completed applications and a $5.00 per application fee demonstrating that you have four (4) qualifying semesters to the CSF Coordinator with a transcript.  Grades and courses from both semesters of freshman year cannot be used to qualify and one qualifying semester must come from your senior year.  A grade of "D" or "F" in any semester disqualifies that semester for  use in CSF, even if the exact course is repeated for grade improvement or for credit with a grade of "A."


Keep in mind that the reason that most Valedictorians are also in CSF is because they have maintained a 4.0 or higher through obtaining mostly "As" and "Bs" and taking a considerable amount of Honors and Advanced Placement courses.  So, to qualify for CSF, you need mostly "As" and "Bs;" "Cs" count for nothing in CSF; and "Ds" and "Fs" disqualify that particular semester.

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