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Cal State Fullerton

So What's the link between AVC and UCLA?  

AVC is an avenue--a bridge--to get you to UCLA or any other prestigious 4-year university like UCLA.  In fact, going to AVC has numerous advantages:

  • No matter which 4-year university you choose to attend, you will be required to complete general education courses.  However, you can complete these same general education course requirements at any California Community College, like AVC.

  • If you complete a sufficient number of 4-year college transferable courses, and the correct general education and preliminary course requirements at AVC, you can transfer to your dream 4-year university as a junior, not as a freshman.

  • At $46 per unit English 101 at AVC would cost $138 in tuition.  The same English 101 course at UCLA would cost $935 in tuition.  Completing courses at a community college is always the most affordable way to complete these required courses.

  • Finally, when you choose to attend a 4-year university you must cover the expenses of living on or near campus and food.  However, if you attend AVC you can remain living at home and avoid those additional living expenses.

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